Unique to Maneli is her ability to combine her creative skills
with her strong understanding of the business initiatives

Maneli Nourbakhsh, is currently the Creative Director of Aiki District
and the Fashion Director of John Casablancas Institute

Maneli has gained fashion industry experience in the global marketplace, operating or consulting for various labels, as well as designing, creating prints and illustrations by working in a number of demanding environments. Experiences range from high fashion, Alexander McQueen to designing athletic apparel at lululemon. She has also worked with manufacturers internationally and thoroughly understands Supply Chain Management. Her specialty lies in launching a project and ensuring all aspects, including business initiatives as well as branding, to hiring the right people for the team are efficient and in sync.

In addition to operating Aiki District, Maneli’s focus has been on the educational side of fashion. Currently, Maneli heads the fashion department at John Casablancas Institute and has successfully launched a new Fashion Design Diploma Program at the institute.  Her recent past includes instructing and creating courses for Blanche Macdonald and VCC (Vancouver Community College). 

Hiking in the Arabian Desert - At dawn on Jan 2016

Prior to kicking off her fashion design career, Maneli received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC), studying Political Science and Sociology and briefly working in Politics.  Her BA has trained her to understand societal and economic trends, which gives Maneli an advantage in researching and forecasting for the fashion industry as well as understanding the direction of the market's trends.

Maneli's professional training in fashion began when she enrolled in Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design. She then had the opportunity to work and live in Europe to gain experience in designing for Womens Ready to Wear collections that have been shown in London and Paris fashion weeks, working on bespoke designs, print design, and costume design for film + TV. Maneli directs and designs using creative and technical abilities along with a practical knowledge of commercial and economic realities.

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