Fashion Direction

Maneli is currently the Fashion Director and Career Liaison of John Casablanca Insitute. 

Maneli created and launched a new Program of study - the CORE Design Diploma Program. She envisioned and implemented the program of study; including curriculum development and hiring the right team of instructors. The CORE Design Diploma Program is a state of the art program that ensures gradautes are ready to be a force within the fashion industry. 

At the institute, Maneli operates the department including both the Fashion Diploma Programs - Business & Creative Arts and CORE Design. She has also taken on the role of Career Liaison and ensures that each graduate finds a suitable career.

Photo Series Art Director and Production Management by Maneli for John Casablancas Institute


•  Contributing to marketing initiatives to ensure consistent growth in enrollment •  Curriculum development and program updating to stay consistent with today's fashion industry; program coordination and course scheduling
•  Student services; including resolving student issues

•  Alumni relations; including career planning, direction, and placements
•   Networking with the fashion industry and sharing opportunities via online newsletters with the current students and graduates
•  People Development; hiring, scheduling, and managing staff; responsible for hiring, training, and managing all fashion department staff.

     Images courtesy of John Casablancas Institute Program Brochure

Further Educational Experience

Aside from JCI experiences, Maneli has created, implemented, and taught over 10 courses for Blanche Macdonald Center and Vancouver Community College.

At JCI (John Casablancas Institute), all Fashion Business Program & Fashion Design Program courses are updated annually by Maneli. To stay current with Trend Forecasts and industry standards Maneli regularly attends Trade Shows such as Premiere Vision and takes courses when necessary - latest training was in Sustainability, a training session with WGSN and a Certification in Gerber Technologies by AccuMark. 

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